Live Premiere

UPDATE: Tonight at 9pm EST  Middle-earth Network video hangout with founders, news team, Dr. Corey Olsen, then we’ll break for premiere at 950EST, and stay in chatroom.  Here is an update from last night: This page has the schedule of events: *****If you need to turn off  ‘popping sound’ from chatrooms – then click on chatrooms on bottom chatbar, then the little sprocket shaped wheel, then uncheck ‘chatroom sounds’********** Tune in at 3:50pm NZDT on Wednesday, November 28 for the highly anticipated World Premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Watch LIVE interviews with your favorite cast members as they walk the carpet in Wellington, New Zealand! The MyMiddle-earth Chat room embedded below is the “Hobbit Movie Day” room, if you wish, you can ignore the embedded chat below and “Pop Out” the room to a new window via the Chat Rooms icon on the bottom-right corner of the webpage. Either way, enjoy!

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